Naval Hydro Workshop

28-29 January 2019

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb

The Naval Hydro Workshop will be organised to provide a platform for establishing contacts between different companies and academic institutions in the field of naval hydrodynamics. The workshop is organised by Prof. Hrvoje Jasak ( and Prof. Nikola Vladimir (, under the auspices of the Department of Technical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

The workshop will also be used as an opportunity for the University of Zagreb to join the ICNAME organisation (Innovation & Cooperation in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Alliance), represented by the Harbin Engineering University at the event.

The workshop is related to naval architecture and ocean engineering, with an emphasis on development and application of numerical methods in the field of marine and offshore hydromechanics. The participants are invited to present their work and academic or industrial interests. The topics are including but not exclusive to:

  • Numerical advances and methods,
  • Wave and current loads,
  • Wind loads,
  • Propulsion,
  • Manoeuvring,
  • Mooring and stationkeeping,
  • Hydroelasticity,
  • Hydrodynamic impacts (slamming, sloshing, green water etc.),
  • Structural response to hydrodynamic loads,
  • Damaged ship response,
  • Offshore wind turbines.

Preliminary list of participant institutions:

  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture,
  • Harbin Engineering University,
  • Marine Design and Research Institute of China,
  • Univeristy of Trieste,
  • Bureau Veritas,
  • Wikki Ltd.
Deadline for registration is 10th of January 2019. The workshop fee is 100 EUR per person.
Download the participant’s info pack here.

If you wish to participate please contact Mr. Inno Gatin at