Introduction to OpenFOAM

  • Held by prof. Hrvoje Jasak at Ghent University, Belgium, May 2016
  • Overview:
    1. A user view
    2. Hands-on training with OpenFOAM: Flow around a 2-D airfoil
    3. Hands-on training with OpenFOAM: External aerodynamics – Ahmed Body
    4. Mesh generation in OpenFOAM: snappyHexMesh – crash course
    5. Finite Volume discretisation in OpenFOAM: Best practice guidelines
    6. Top-level code walk-through: scalarTransportFoam and magU
    7. Multi-phase and free surface flows: Model implementation in OpenFOAM
    8. Dynamic mesh handling in OpenFOAM
    9. Object orientation and C++: An introduction for CFD specialists
    10. Finite Volume discretisation with polyhedral cell support
  • YouTube playlist
  • Slides: IntroductionToOpenFOAM.zip


Basic OpenFOAM Programming